Freeroll tournament registering dilemna

Waited a good length of time to register to play a second freeroll multi-table tournament this evening, only too find out at start time of contest. I hadn’t gone in early, I need a password,
and after some time it’s a Facebook password. What I’m now 12 minutes past the start of the game with a 5 minute late registration. With no Facebook password and I don’t want 1.
Why don’t you just put on the listing of games and times the games that require Facebook if you can’t get rid of Facebook requirements.

The easiest way to get the PW (other than reading the Replay Poker Facebook page regularly), is from the MTT page. Select the Facebook Freeroll you wish to play in. When the “register” screen comes up, click on “Weekly Facebook Freerolls” in yellow just above the word “Register.” That will change you to a new screen. Select “Replay Poker Facebook Page.” Scroll down to the password. It’s usually the top or second entry and is posted for the whole week in advance of the games. The same PW is used for both the early and late game each week. Write the PW down if you think it necessary, then hit your “back” arrow twice to return to the “Register” area, and type in the PW in the blank white space provided. This may sound difficult, but takes literally only about 15 seconds and costs zero. Then don’t forget to play the event.
Good luck.


The Weekly Facebook Freerolls look a bit different than other Freerolls. They are labeled in dark blue in the Lobby and titled “250k Facebook Freeroll”. They run at 2:30pm and 8:30pm on Sunday only, and are listed on the promotional page. Hope that helps differentiate them in the future!

Thanks to @Alan25main for the step-by-step on how to view the password, and just as a heads up, you do NOT need a Facebook account to view the password. :slight_smile:


To simplify how to get the Facebook Freeroll Password:

  1. From the lobby Lobby,
  2. scroll down to the bottom,
  3. click on the Facebook symbol (takes you to the Replay facebook page),
  4. scroll down a little and you’ll see the post containing it :wink:

And as Fizzymint correctly stated, you don’t need a Facebook account :wink:

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Awesome. I don’t play them because I don’t do Facebook.

All this time. I wonder how many others missed out on them.

Good to know thank you.

Also, if you’re on Facebook you can get free chips for “Liking” RPP Facebook!

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stop trying to suck up .

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I dont do facebook either, to complicated, Im old and slow, I just stick with replay. )

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I like to earn mine.

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And you do a great job at that :slight_smile:

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 I live on the west coast, Busy most of the day  and very limited to catch the freeroll times.

I don’t have a facebook password either, too bad to miss the freeroll games.

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At the top of this thread you can read how to get the password without having a Facebook account.

I don’t do Facebook either but I learned from 2 posts here how to enter the free rolls for them.

Best of luck.