Freeroll options

Just a thought – I sent it to a friend – she said I should post it.

So, here it is . . .

They have 4-5 “New player Freerolls a day”. At the same times they should run one of the less preferred games (Omaha, Hi Lo or Royal). There are two reasons that this would work out. The times my just work for people, so they will learn a new game. (Using me as an example: I get home from work at about 4:30 most days. When I get home I want about an hour of non work, non cooking or cleaning – just relaxing – but it is New Player - so I find something else to do) Second reason – People get used to a time slot. I always played the 6:45 time slot – because it was a community game for chips. But after I while I went because it was the same people and I looked forward to seeing them. When they switched it to a ticket game - I just went back in for the people. So, they may hook some new players on different games. They know all of their new friends will be out of the “New Player” group within a month – they may just switch to whatever game is at that time.

Just my thought of the day :slight_smile:



And a Brilliant thought it is!!!


I totally agree with you. The 4:45 time slot is a popular time, with people coming home from work and school. If nothing else, they could offer 2 FreeRolls, one for New players and one for all players at 4:45. I would love to see more of the Omaha Hi/Lo games in the Free Rolls and, this would be a good time. Great suggestion, Jess.


There are may things wrong with RP schedule when it comes to omaha games. I don’t think that RP cares. I’m gone as soon as the new tables are implemented for all games I play (ohl). Anyway, so I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

Prefer Omaha to Omaha Hi/Lo, but agree about the new tables. I play low stakes omaha and have had to give it up due to the table change - may use my extra tickets on some high stakes omaha games though…might as well use them somewhere before everything changes over. Wish the lockdown would end, so I could go to the casino to get my omaha fix, lol.

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