Freeroll Headline: the Elite makes their way through

The Elite meet every day in the Freeroll.
sit down and sit out until the end
received Price… move on to the next Tournament

I don’t know why, but it’s definitely to collect tournament points…or another reason ?
it looks funny, 9 sit at the table and only 4 play.
it is incomprehensible to me. Why do I register for a tournament if I don’t want to play?
Whatever, the main thing is that it looks funny

Hi Wollyie
I have not really come across this in the Omaha and stud freerolls I play, maybe a holdem thing, and you may be correct, probably just to pick up some free points, bit it’s a bit rude to do this for just a few points I think.
Best of luck

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Just ask Sarah how Tournament Points are awarded.

You can’t collect Tournament Points from just registering in a tournament. You have to play (or not be away) for at least 50% of the hands in their tournament.

What are tournament points? – Replay Poker

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Still rude though, he is right on that count, but thankyou for clarifying this :slight_smile:

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I guess I was just pointing out it must be something else.


And you were correct, people do register though, it’s crap when you are heads up with someone at the early stages of a tournament and everyone else is sitting out, not how it should be, it used to happen on the real money freerolls sometimes as well, if you could agree with the other guy, you could take a lot of chips, by just betting alternate if the other player agreed to be fair and just share the blinds, it worked fine, quick quick quick with the mouse :slight_smile:

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I’ve missed a tournament recently because I registered early and had to leave for an emergency. I was one of those.

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That happens to all of us at times my friend and makes us all guilty at times. I believe the sit out time at the beginning time is entirely too long. My suggestion is let all of the sitting out players after 3 hands, be teamed up with the other sitters at same tables. This will allow the folks who want to play have a semi - full table.

It isn’t about tourney points in a free roll especially , however it is a big problem that needs addressed. Team them up with each other & let the folks that want to, play with a full table.

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Since there are no other reasons, it’s just about collecting points.
What I haven’t understood yet is why these points are needed ?

Tournament points are good for winning free chips at all the different leaderboards located under promotions.
Since a freeroll is a zero chip buy in, I don’t think you even get any tournament points for playing in them, but I could be wrong.

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I’m guessing some players sign up way in advance, then just don’t show up, sadly don’t care enough to unregister before the tourney starts if they’re not going to be there.

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Next time you Register and an emergency arises you can always Unregister from the Tournament usually up to 3 +/- minutes (it’s noted in the tourney info page) before the start.