Freeroll=bingo explosion!

Man I tell ya the freeroll tourneys REALLY bring out the major BINGO players! 1 guy went all in 12 straight hands! I understand that’s his option but it really ruins the game!

Its standard for freerolls. Playing Pokerstars or whatever, 8000 people in a freeroll, you shove.

Freerolls take a lot of luck as well as poker skill. You have a huge field of players, and the blind levels are usually faster than normal tournys.

On replay, there is usually what, about 200 people in a freeroll? You need to double up twice really and then you can settle down and play poker.

Wait for aces, kings (or queens in late position) and then shove. People will be going in with all sorts, so you’ll usually take the pot down.

If you don’t win it, move onto the next freeroll