Freeroll 2.5k tourney misinformation

Free Satellite paying out 40 x 2.5K Tournament Tickets

Tournament ID: #5845746

Game: NL Hold’em

Starts: Mar 16, 2:45am

It actually only pays out top 20 not 40. Needs to be fixed

IT pays out 40 tickets valued at 2.5k each to the top 20 finishers.
Winner gets 4. Second & third get 3 each. Fourth through sixteenth (including you) get 2 each and seventeenth to twentieth get 1 each. That is standard for the 2.5k ticket games and is on the tournament lobby page if you care to check.


Duh! on my part. I was on a plane all day and apparently suffered from Jet lag. I was thinking “places” paid, not tickets LOL.

My bad.

Fair enough… but please stop the stalling every hand bs. You are better than that, aren’t you?..

I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware that there some was sort of rule about using the clock? I have 4 dogs I take care of after my wife goes to bed, so I stay pretty busy letting them in and out of our backyard each night. And my wifi is with ATT and its not the most reliable at times either. If you want to complain about something it should be about all player in here who play bingo and push all-in every hand. Not how fast someone plays.