Free roll times too close

The weekday free rolls are only an hour apart, therefore when the first is at a break the second begins. Forcing 2 games being played if the first free roll extends beyond the 1 hour + 5 min mark. Could you stagger a bit further apart PLEASE Perhaps a 2 or 2.5 hour difference
Thank you very much

The 150k Daily Freeroll and the free Satellite to 5k Tickets are an hour apart, but the normal Daily Freerolls are spaced out:


Helo Mayb my English Not So vEry Gud???
Let Me Explain BETTER for you Plesaee
When sitting at FREE table startin @ 12 PM Noon time Here where i sit
Then about 1 O CLOKE Pm Only 1 HOUR LATE when I am STILL sittin AT the Free Table from NOON o clovk still dealing cards THEN when the cards are DELALING on the 1 O CLOCK FREE table I MUST forced to have 2 differant HAND that I Play I cannot consintrate totally on 2 Hands FREE ONLY 1 FREEE SOOO Pleasss ask again to MOVE one FREE or the OTHR FREE apart to use BOTH FREEE after each one Pleasse Thank you Very MUCH mr FUZZZZY

Hi ds9861,

We understand your point.

You are playing the noon 150K Daily Freeroll and the 150K Free Satellite giving out 15,000 Tickets starts at 1pm?

There are 6 Daily Freerolls and 3 Free satellites each day as well as 11 other tournaments which give out Tickets as prizes. This means some of them have to be scheduled quite close together, but we do try and space them as evenly as we can.

Thanks for voicing your concern. We will have a look at the schedule to see if it should be changed.



just play them as a practice of playing at multiple tables. Everyone starts from there.