Free Roll Points and Other Such Nonsense

Free roll tourney points and the joy of deepstack The freerolls are really alt of fun, but its mad difficult to surive that minefield- knife fight and I just hink that for alot of us who like to play strictly for the tourney points the reward for survivng 80 plus cut throat opponents being only ameasly 3,000 or whatever it is tourneyt points isnt to satisfying. Hell, I’m sure some of the highs takes players wouldnt mind boosting up the prize money if its a question of that, or maybe the number of people should be boosted! Also: The Deep Stack competetion was really slick, why not have more deep stack tourney for big buy ins? Huh, why not? Give it a whurl! Also: If you are awarding tourney points not unlike the system in place for player of the year, why not reward bracelets or bonuses for a player of the year or month or hour? Huh? Why not? Boost it up. For Sure…

think u have a good point there fleming free roll points r not worth it so i think what u r saying is totaky right i support u 100% on this

cant see your support, still only one person like this idea… :))

mentally! :))