Free Chips

So, you come to the site every day and get a 2,500 free chip bonus. You miss coming to the site ONE day, and you have to go back to 500 free chips and work your way back up? How cheap for this site.

Free chips work on the site as real world , real money.

you can have free chips at bank, When you have less than 500, top-up with an extra 2,500 free chips…

Personally I was in shock last year when the daily bonus introduced… I would never give thet much, but thets just me.

BTW, how much you would like to have? I mean , more the site give for free, the game would loose the value… Its would became meaningless to play…

marcipan…do you realize that the word you keep using incorrectly is suppose to be THAT, not THET?

I am just saying that just because a person misses coming to the site one day, they have to start over building their bonus chips. It’s not really a big deal.

Thanks for the grammar correction, no I did not realised, never learn English in school. Kind people teach me on the fly. Thank you.

That’s right DenBob, it’s called the Back to Back promotion and you can read up about it here:

The idea is to reward your loyalty for coming back each day to play. If you miss a day you start back at 500, but only takes 4 more days get back to 2500 chips.