Free Chips To Give Away

I would take some

Just play heads up. Very badly.

thank… you donkbusta444… but I would like to win my chips from you the old fashioned way…


Can’t be done


You leaving us donk ?


Hey Bodie. It they changed the rules let me know, I have over a billion chips I’d like to give away before I leave the site :+1:t2:

Show me the chips… :O)

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Don’t forget your old buddy Squeaky53. lol

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Seems to me that players can buy chips for other players which benefits Replay, but to share or gift free chips to players would undermine the profit margin for replay. I can understand Replays policy and still be hopeful one could pass chips even if it was at a set limit. Just saying. HNY’s

No free chips for you :joy:



How long do you expect to be incarcerated (… this time)?

Transfering chips may lead to trading chips for money lol

I’m pretty sure that is what Replay does now. :joy:

Play money is a bit of an anomaly. It has no value at all unless you don’t have any in which case quite a few people are willing to pay a high price for it.

I have half a billion chips, but they have no retail value whatsoever.

Inflation is massive, because Replay Poker prints new money every day.

The interesting question is how much is it worth in real money to pay the price of admission to a poker tournament or cash game against opponents who have never paid for chips? And why does it cost a million chips to enter a tournament in which you are only given 5000 chips to play with?

Just throwing out a thought, according to the Bank page, you can now purchase 3.5 million chips for $100.

So, couldn’t one say that 1/2 billion of these chips would be worth around $14,300 (to someone somewhere)? Or, maybe not.

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If Replay can sell em. Why can’t they buy @ 0.50 or 0.33 on the dollar ?
I see so many people playing poorly by playing out of position and or betting the wrong amount along with so much more.
I’m sure in Vegas they they lose more than they should.
We should have classes so they can learn.

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I’d sell @50 cents on the dollar.


Because Replay Poker can create an infinite number of chips at no cost to them!

I suppose I could sell my username, password, and chips on eBay, but I seriously doubt whether anybody would be prepared to pay any significant amount.

Anyway it is against the rules of RP.

You could try but someone would definitely turn you in, then you would be banned with no chips and zero money.