Free chips not available

On the bank page: I have this message Free chips not available - you currently have more than 500 chips in the bank or in play. But I have only 50 chips … ?

Hi bart

You are registered for the tournament Bust the Staff which starts later today, the buy-in of 1000 chips is count as chips in play. If you unregister you can play and go for new chips later, but be sure you have enough chips to register again later today. Good luck:)

Greetings Happiness.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How many chips do I have? List shows none, but I’m told I have over 500.?. The chips menu show I have no chips, but when I try to sign on, it tells me I have over 500 chips? What does this mean? LA

Lou I was registered on one tournement, maybe you are the same situation, check this. If yes unregister, see the Happiness answer.