free chips in 1 day ???

I have a question – how many times in a day do you get free chips?

I play on ring games and people go all in with 0 chips in the bank and after a few minutes are back on the table playing again all in evretytime. It should only be allowed once a day as really not fun.

Thank you for feedback

Any time during the day when you have less than 500 chips you may click the get chips button and collect more free chips.

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hmmmm,we buy the chips and replay gives them away freely. In my humble opinion once a day would stop a lot of all in play…sort of like welfare give aways.

There is a top-up progression, just so everyone is informed:

Top-up progression

Top-up Wait time Amount
1 - 2,500
2 10 mins 2,000
3 20 mins 1,500
4 30 mins 1,000
5 40 mins 500
6 50 mins 500
7 and above 60 mins 500
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Too many giveaways in one day…try every 4 hours.Would give people time to read a poker for dummies book :slight_smile:

If people keep getting free chips and then losing them all in the lowest entry games, they are good candidates to buy chips so that they can play in games where their abilities will be recognized!

It doesn’t matter how many chips are given away, regardless of increments, or the timeliness thereof. This is a free poker site and the only way you are going to get people to play as if the chips have value is to play on a real money poker site where the chips HAVE real economic value.

Maybe if they didn’t give so many away we wouldn’t be hounded with popups for CHIP SALES.
Wondering if there is a way for a person to choose not to be notified of this big bargain.

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