Four Card Tango Clown

There’s one player in the 4 card tango who keeps on going Allin hand after hand after hand. He has done it on EVERY hand he has been in and has done it for several days in a row now!

Of course you cannot name him because the MODS will remove the post!!! They seem quite happy to condone this behaviour - which ruins the promotion for everyone - but they seemingly wish to do nothing about it and to ignore it???

Sort this out please Replay!

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i think i just sat with MAC the klown …lo stakes is for shxx

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Yep that’s the muppet!

It is indeed EVERY hand that he goes allin isn’t it? Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Hello, what is a four card tango, let me know I will come and get him/her, cannot find four card tango

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It’s one of the current Promotions, see the Promotion page for details. It’s running through November 12.

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it is the 50/100 or lower hi lo tables

Annoying for some, I agree… However… the chips are theirs to bet with in the manner that they wish to, those who all in … all of the time… are usually caught out because the platient players who take them on with good hole cards usually can win through, not all of the time but common sense usually prevails.


Duh. Obviously it is their chips but they do not have any respect for the site, the promotion and have less than zero respect for their fellow players.

Going all in EVERY hand for sixty? seventy? eighty hands in a row makes a complete lottery of the game and of the 4 card tango promotion

must be talking about Mac,he is a wonder to behold and very frustrating to play or try to play against. I usually just bide my time and strike when i think the irons hot …unfortunately i sometimes get burnt lol