Foul language

Fun game but Foul Language ruins it… Dealer: texaspete wins 4,980 chips with Three of a Kind, Aces Dealer: BaconBuddy finished in 22 Dealer: ** Hand [ 93263432 ] started ** BaconBuddy: ******* lucky LadyDi999: nh LadyDi999: gg BaconBuddy: ******* stupid dumbass texaspete: ty BROADCAST: potlucky just won a multi table tournament with 91 entrants taking home 46000 chips in first prize - Congratulations LadyDi999: watch your mouth bacon texaspete: ok u r BaconBuddy: so ******* lucky with that ase you fat piece of **** Dealer: Dealt to board [ 5d Tc Ac ] BaconBuddy: go **** yourself I really don’t care if he later came back and apologized. This player should be penalized heavily in some way…removed from the game/tourney/player account cancelled. I was not the only player upset by his/her foul language. This belittles the majority of high caliber of players at Replay Poker. Thank you for your time and consideration into this matter.

Thank you for the report ladydi. In future please report to a mod (with the hand number) and we will be glad to take care of this kind of thing.