Forum Duo League: August 2023 sign-up thread

I want to sign up with Tucker777

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Richi1965 3pm please
no partner yet


Hey want to go for it I said 7 something but could do early.

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i am looking to pair you if not no biggie

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Sign me up and I don’t have a partner.

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Hi @FreeCheezPiza @Vette21 and @Richi1965 , welcome to the Forum and please check out all of the Great Topics and Discussions. This will be a Great league and I wish all fun & very good luck at the tables

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ready to play 7pm with anyone


Could you please let us know which time(s) you are available and make sure Tucker777 comes and posts their time as well? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi sheree77! Which of the two time slots are you able to play in?

Please just let me know which time slot(s) you can do – thanks!

Im looking for a good time I need a partner.

I’ll play if you want me…3PM

My partner is Razorback1220
Time: 7pm

My partner is Rayo1024 and I want 7pm


RockStone 3pm sounds good sign us up as partners

@_Rain and @tricki would like to play

Tricki will play 3pm EST

Rain will play 7pm EST

Team name Dauntless

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Just to confirm @tricki will be Partnering @_Rain
Team ‘Dauntless’


Looking forward to playing in this League sounds fun


Please confirm mrzick,. RockStone
3pm team. Thanks

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