Forum Duo League: August 2023 sign-up thread

@_Rain and @tricki would like to play

Tricki will play 3pm EST

Rain will play 7pm EST

Team name Dauntless

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Just to confirm @tricki will be Partnering @_Rain
Team ‘Dauntless’


Looking forward to playing in this League sounds fun


Please confirm mrzick,. RockStone
3pm team. Thanks

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mrzick at 3PM
RockStone at 3PM


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Heya @KingKovicYT - Could you please let Tutty85 know to come confirm and let us know what time slot they can play?

Can you please let me know what time slots you can play in?

I am teaming up with Sharon Smarty. Our team is Double Trouble. Please don’t read anything into that title. lmao We can play at 7pm. I think.


I am confirming that Sue13 is my teammate in Double Trouble and I can play at 7pm


Me Kondrad want to join,no team mate yet! Any one who want to team up!!

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Qwekcok And Chips-No-Fish will be the Suited Aces team Chips-No-fish will do 9;00 pm league
and i will play at 1:00 Am league

hey Kondrad, happy to team up with you! I’ll be playing at 7 pm. You get to choose the team name :slight_smile:

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I confirm that morcosborcos is my teammate and play 7pm and i 3pm,team name Wolfpack!

Can confirm i will be playing with Qwekcok as Suited Aces and will play 9pm

u’ll be in ur own league at 9 pm, lol

i confirm that Kondrad is my teammate and i play at 7 pm

Hi @_snowman and @snitty will be a team. I will play at 3pm.


hi - snitty and snowman will be a team - Snitty will play at 3 pm - team name - Green Machine.

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Thanks, everyone! I’m closing signups now to finalize the roster. I will be posting the teams for confirmation here later this morning.