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How are individual and team scores calculated?

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What are the blinds, number of seats, starting stack and prize pool - very excited about this :slight_smile: Me and Goat are in and will promote to others to get on board with this initiative - Great idea to get social and fun love love

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Hi @BlackWidow , The pairs of players (Dynamic Duos) will be treated as a Team and their combined scores will be their team score.

Scores will be a point per position as per the RTC.

For those unfamiliar with RTC:
1st place in a 15 player game will score 15 points, 7th will score 9 points and 15th will score 1 point.
No Shows will score 0 points.

In the interest of simplicity, team names will be username & username, with the first one being player A.

Player A will play in one of the two ‘A’ tournament slots and Player B will be in one of the two ‘B’ tournament slots.


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Hi @Tiggyx , We are planning 6 max and the same format as RTC, but we could change the format for later events.

Things like 6 or 9 max, different game types, different times or number of events in the day are up for review.
Also custom team names.
All suggestions appreciated.
Prizes to be determined, but it will be purely chips.



Great initiative and hope will bring more folks to the forum !!!

What game or games? Is it No Limit holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo or does it rotate?

It’ll be Hold’em for our inaugural tournament! Depending on success and feedback, we’ll see about including other formats in the future. :slight_smile:

how do i talk to my partner
and how do i sign up

Duh, Where’s the LINK???

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Hiya @fizzymint myself @Tiggyx and @Goatsoup Have aleady posted here we are in :slight_smile:

how do we register - what is A1 B1, A2, B2

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Was wondering how both players could play at same time unless there were two tourneys for each time slot, should be fun!! and that’s just my guess of the question my friend.

yep get that but there is no instructions how we register ???

Think of it just like RTC. We will register everyone. :slight_smile:

We’re actually about to go into a meeting to take care of this and pair up our solo contenders! You should see that you are registered later today, but I’ll also be making a post with all confirmed teams tomorrow morning (PDT).


So, is it more beneficial to have a permanent partner than random partner every game?

great initiative, and very much interested since i couldn’t make it to the “original” RTC. For how many weeks will it be running? i do support multiple types of games (just no stud please :))

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Hope this info helps


@DaniPok (7pm)

Good morning
I was wrong about the time I can play, it’s not 7pm (ET) because in France it’s 1 am. Is it possible to change and put 3 pm?

@fizzymint Thank you for setting up this League, was fun playing in it yesterday. I have a suggestion for future tournaments. In the interest of balanced scoring between the time slots, only have one tournament at each time slot and have one player from each team playing in each time slot. Or have both tournaments at same time (3 pm) like in the RTC. It seemed to work out this month in that there were the same number of players for each time slot, but it would be possible for one time slot to have more players, thus yielding more possible points. That would put those teams (with both players) playing at the other time slot (with a lower number of players) at a disadvantage point wise.

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Where is the leaderboard posted?

I did like having both teammates being able to play at the same time (Like the RTC), which allowed me to see how my teammate was doing and cheer them on. This first tournament was fortunate that all four games had the same number of players, but I think fewer games or just larger fields would play better. But I enjoyed it :slight_smile: