Forum Duo League: Ask us anything!

Hi all, and thanks for participating! It was a bit of a test run, and I appreciate you all rolling with the punches – and earning some chips along the way. :slight_smile:

@DaniPok - due to when staff is online, we aren’t able to make changes once teams are set the day prior, but I’ll make sure that’s communicated more clearly. I hope you can make it next month!

@_snowman and @southwestmba - thanks for your feedback! Having 28 total (completed) player sign-ups and four tournament slots did mean that there weren’t many players in each one. But I also hear @SharonSmarty when she says that having multiple time slots is handy. We can’t have two people on the same team in the same tournament out of fairness, so it’s something to think about. I’ll be posting a poll about it this week and I’m eager to see whether people prefer flexibility or a larger player pool.

@_Rain - Each tournament is a one-off, because we want to make it as convenient to our forum players as possible. So, there isn’t an ongoing leaderboard. This allows you to switch partners month to month if you’re interested in playing with different friends. Ties mean multiple winners for the month. If we have a larger player pool, ties will be less likely. Let me know your thoughts in the poll once I get that up later.


Do we need to sign up again if have same partner. When do we register again if need to? I also like the different times.

Hi Carol,
This is the latest info at the moment

Forum Duo League: September 2023 sign-up thread COMING SOON

Site closed Aug 28th.

Sign-ups are now open! Please head over to the link @Tiandra shared if you’d like to participate in September.

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Does not help< can’t find Sept sign up!

When will registration for Sept game close?

Registration will close Friday morning (7am ET) on September 22nd. Teams will be assigned and placed into tournaments shortly thereafter.


Me neither

Is this a wide open tourney or just a 10 person tourney?

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All depends on how many sign up my friend. GL at the tables, grab a partner and sign up for free fun!!

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Can I be in the same tournament as my partner or do we need to play in separate tournaments at different times

Hope you and your partner will sign up.
Good luck at the tables !

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Is there a list of registered teams for Sept. somewhere? My teammate and I have signed up, but I can’t find any confirmation. Thx!

No list for September yet - we confirm everything on the Friday morning before the tournament. I just noticed that your partner Freeto didn’t confirm a time - I’ll be replying in that thread to get that info.

@morcosborcos - Answering your question over here to keep the sign-up thread clear. We are running the same format for the rest of the year, but as of January, we’ll be reviewing viability and scoring and your suggestion will be on the table. Thanks again for sharing your idea!

When we can see partners for 18 nov ?

I’ll be posting the teams after we organize all the tournaments, which we start doing at 11am EST. I’ll be sure to post them both in the signup thread and the announcement thread. :slight_smile:

November teams announced here: Introducing Dynamic Duos, the forum's new exclusive league! - #11