Forum dead-ends


I’m gonna guess Replay’s forum was coded from scratch, rather than using off the shelf software … but way too many pages contain dead ends and the only option is the “back button” on my browser. This is very frustrating and needs to be fix’d.


Fizzymint, that page is a perfect example, no link back to the main forum page that includes the “back to replay poker” button, or even back to the topic list … and thats EVERYTIME you open ANY post here, you have that problem… not to mention all the other dead ends there are.

I don’t do code for Replay; I failed Morse Code in the Boy Scouts and was given the honors of Tenderfoot Too Long.

Scratch who don’t know nuttin’

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“From scratch” not “By scratch” :sunglasses:

Sassy, You can be soooo sassy!

Dern Sassy Sarahs, they’re all like that.

We didn’t build the forums ourselves – we use software called Discourse. It has its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s not always particularly intuitive. In the screenshot you included, you can click the Replay logo and you’ll go back to the main forum.

thats the way it is ben afflack aint running show

turn up num mix

Ahhhh, ok Fizzy, :roll_eyes:
As a former programmer, I shudda check’d that … but really, most ppl will look @ the page and never try that, its intuitive to hit the back arrow when no link is blatently there. I guess its also why they were idiots ( ppl that wrote the forum software, not you or replay ) and made everything a infinite scroll, rather than pages…

Then I go do a google search, and there are far better forums available, even some for a free licence… Thanks alot Fizzy, glad I get it now… Since Replay is currently under development behind the scenes Fizzy, maybe they might launch a far better forum @ the same time they roll out the new changes… just a thought :thinking:

Topic solved for me, tks again Fizzy.