Format for team play

I have often wondered how you could have a poker tournament in which quality of play was measured by each player getting the same cards, as in duplicate bridge, which is impossible.

But then it struck me that you could devise such a tournament if players made teams of two players and combined their scores. It would work like this.

You have 16 players, so 8 teams of 2.

All hands are played heads up.

All hands are played simultaneously with identical decks.

One player from each team plays the North cards, and the other plays the South Cards.

After 20 deals, each player will switch to a different opponent, and this will continue until each North player has played each South Player. So a total of 160 hands will be played (or whatever is the chosen multiple of 8.)

If a player busts out his opponent, he will receive a maximum score of 100 and his opponent a minimum score of 0. If neither player is busted out, each player will be awarded the percentage of the combined chips that he owns at the conclusion of 20 hands.

If you really wanted to go to town on it, then each player would play a partnership with each of the other 15 players, and then individual scores would be totaled.

That way you could really find out who was the best player, and not just the luckiest on the night, but probably no one would care.

Potentially this could create a new recreational form of the game where people would form leagues in which teams would compete.

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