Forget this site

Forget this site. It’s not even entertainment and surely not called poker. No matter what you raise preflop… call call call call call call call call call call call call call… every hand cracked… call call call call call call… check check check check check check check check check check check check call call call call call call… massive river bet

You either bend over and take it up the kazoo and play bingo like all the stupid idiots or don’t play. Trap… trap…trap…trap…trap…trap… check… check check… ridiculous.

Rinse repeat… this site is all poker bingo!! Strictly about the social aspect and nothing even close to resembling poker. Go up against a table of friends… your toast!!! They know each other and will corral you in to big calls or force folds cause they don’t care, they know each other, swap your chips later when you leave.

Players with 1.5 mil chips at 10/20 tables bringing in the min 2500 so they can not give a crap whatsoever how they play.


If I was out-kickered 20,000 hands in a row, I would stop playing crap hands.


Forget this site.

Can I have your eye patch?

Thanks Emilio

Is it realistic big-money poker? No.

Is it possible to play well and win and have fun? Yes.

You just didnt play on Spanish pokerstars… 9 2 - all in, Q8 - all in, KJ - all in, 62 - all in, well, all in, all in, all in… pre flop ofcause, but they play true money there. Or Celeb poker: K 5 - all in, 9 3 - all in, Q 2 - all in, J 3 all in… preflop , every hand are ALL IN. ReplayPoker have true good poker players and very good & helpful stuff.

Lower your VP$IP, play like a NIT/TAG and you’ll have results. I mean if you play against passive fishes just adjust accordingly. It sill poker, in real life you’ll see the exact same behavior in live games with 100$ buy-in, if the guy is just playing for recreation he’ll be easy to spot and you’ll make profit. Do the same here. Play 3-4 tables at a time etc.

I believe there are some real good players on this site especially in multi table tournaments final tables (even in low stakes). So pick your spots and you can still have some fun.

My two cents…

i agee but its free an for fun ive meet some good people on here an im poor an going to poop in Mr Pokers cereals bowl

Yes, he is , and a very good person. Also ther is other players are very good as Scratch : Rolland1, pigeonvole, BigBuddha, bucksarge, RPDroid, rpjunkie, Duts, Friscoslet, crum1850, URA33, gary_london, Happiness, gould47, hatman17, donscott, hobby1, RavenLenore, ASSASSIN-A, Bromholm1, midwestjack, rhickman333, Totheriver, shum155, steve111464, chuckd23, DLATS, gingerwins, grannybarbara, imAnAlcoholic, LANCERAY, Drunkenmonkey etc… Try play with them, i thingk you will love it :slight_smile:

Sometimes hapen something strange in tourney, one seat are always win and every hand are good, but its doent mean that the player who got this lucky seat are bad player, he play other tourney without having many nice hands and wining them too (just last payed positions), here need bluff, and a good player he know how to make a good bluff and when and to whom he can do it. Scratch are a good player, he have strategies for each player on table.

EmilioLargo, I just read your post, and I couldn’t disagree more. There definitely are ways to consistently win on this site, and the fact that there are so many players with 1million+ chips is proof of that. To your main point, it is definitely not the case that this site is “poker bingo” and nobody cares if they win or lose. Nobody likes to lose, and people who play poker generally like to feel smart. The best way to do that is to win, so players are going to do what they can to win, even though there’s no money involved. I seriously doubt that a 1000 big blind preflop raise is regularly called by every other player at the table, for example. Everyone knows that’s not smart. Your point about collusion is well-taken, and collusion is a serious problem at many poker venues, but in the case of a free site, I don’t see the point. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but I’ve never seen it here, and you can avoid it quite easily by just changing tables if you think something’s up. Overall, I think you’re just going to have to learn more about the game in order to achieve better results. There ARE ways to win on this site in the long term.

blah blah blah blah blah blah…stop whining …or wait u need a kleenex

I saw something similar to that when I used to play games with rebuys. I don’t play them any more for that reason.

thats right you tellem mason !!

Just because someone has 1million +chips doesn’t mean they play good poker. Replay gives you 2500 chips a day. If you go to a table, lose say 1250 and stop until the next day. You will eventually have that much. I have played on other sites and have found that there is “bingo players” on all of them.

Rebuys are a joke. I totally stay away from that dumpster fire.

Yup! You are so right on that one dmee.
Having over a million chips(without buying any) does not make me a good player. What you don’t say is that we both have been given the same 2500 free chips a day but you failed to keep them and as such you are in negative equity as a player. You have had equal opportunity to build a sizable bankroll but failed and by that very fact have proved yourself to be a less than average player.
Long long time age a good poker player told me to fold at least 70% of my hands. It’s a good rule to run with.
Good Luck and Good Cards…

Where as I certainly agree with regards the call anything attitude of some players, you CAN win. However, you might need to table hop until you find a table of poker players instead of sheep! My main gripe on this site is the blatant one seat wins all. The last 3 days I have seen the same seat (different players) winning silly amounts on the low end 5/10 tables. Like they are sitting there with 10k and still winning everything no matter what hands the opposition hold! That makes it quite obvious to me that you don’t need to know much to win if you get that seat! NOW THAT IS SERIOUSLY BAD! Very frustrating! If admin look at my stats, they’ll see I bugger off when I get bad beats. I’ll not sit throwing chips away on constant bad beats when the same seat keeps winning no matter what cards are out! I have lost count of the FH’s I’ve had KKK/AA only to be beaten by AAA/kk. Yes, that happens, but not as often as on here!
In my VHO this is dealing to make you bet in the (vain in my case) hope that you’ll run out of chips and go BUY more! Aint EVER gonna happen here. I’ll not buy chips that have no cash in value. I’ll stop playing first!

one morning at a 5/10 table I joined a player had either 100,000 or 300,000 chip count cant remember exactly rank # was in 500,000.he was all in every single hand most folded if they followed him in he won EVERY HAND no matter what he was holding.i watched for a while and every hand he won while iwas there.i have bought chips 5$ a month for awhile just to help the site no more ive seen to many posts where I have over a million never bought a single one. when I first started 6 to 8 months placed 1st in several multi tables.that soon stopped and not cause I played different.i now don’t play the players I play the system.whats it putting for the river ect.i also just give up already know the outcome heres my chips I play mainly sng,s cant leave with chips.when mine are are gone im gone its not fun any more.i don’t see random I see patterns in the card deals.