Forbidden words

I noticed that swear words are changed with ****, but I always wondered why when I type “target achieved” it gets changed to ********** as well… why does target achieved goes into swear words???

Great point.

A lot of words are not recognized by REPLAY.

Consider the source I always say, lol.

why does replay warn me because I put zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in chat when a player repeatedly runs the clock to the end ? why are we threatened if we call a bingo boy a bingo boy ? if it walks like a duck and quacks its a duck eh ? but Im repeatedly warned because replay calls this a “family site”,
spare me replay, we are all adults here, not children, and your warnings for putting up zzzzzz`s for slooooow players is offending me, will you send yourself a “warning” ?

It’s in the site rules. Plus it’s just good manners. Some people need time to make their move - you wouldn’t yell at grandma to hurry up if you were playing poker with her at the kitchen table. You wouldn’t call her names based on bad play either.

When we first signed up to play on Replay, there was a bit where we had to click “I Agree” to the site’s terms of use. This was a contract of sorts: we agree to conduct ourselves in accordance with the terms of use, and in exchange, they provide a free poker platform. They are honoring their end of the bargain, why should’t we honor our end of it?

The amount of time allowed per hand is controlled by the software. People are entitled to use that time. Why should random people decide that it should be any other way? Besides, typing “zzzzz” makes people act slower, not faster. Have you not noticed this?

Calling people names and being critical of their play style goes against the terms of use you agreed to uphold. You really don’t get why this might be a problem?

As far as i remember, this site allows players as young as 13. So no, we aren’t all adults here. I’m sure there are some adults only poker sites, but this isn’t one of them.

Why won’t Replay simply let you use their site any way you want?



Let’s not forget that using up the clock repeatedly also goes against the terms of use that we all agreed to uphold. So let’s not just take one side here and forget the other :wink:

Where do you see that?

That’s not in the code of conduct as far as I can see.

Slow Play

A time clock is provided for every player on every hand of poker. At Replay Poker, we believe each player should have adequate time to make a play based on their personal strategy. Some players need more time than others. We ask that all players be patient and not make rude comments or post a series of “z”s in the chat line to express their impatience. We also ask players not to use the time clock as a method to retaliate against or provoke others. Intentionally running out the clock slows the game and makes the experience unpleasant and painfully boring for all players.

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So it’s not allowed if it’s intentionally done to irritate other players. OK.

But we can’t know their intentions, can we?

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Of course we can. If it’s done repeatedly, then it’s done on purpose (or carelessly). If somebody absolutely needs to run out the clock every single time, then they shouldn’t be playing poker online to begin with, should they?

Occasionally needing extra time to think is one thing, and doing it all the time every single time is something else.

Indeed. There is quite a bit of subjectivity in several of these rules. The bingo play that has been such a hot topic as of late is just below the slow play rule.

Poor Gamesmanship
Players are frequently reported for playing strategies that reflect very poor gamesmanship. This may include strategies that disrupt the natural flow of the game and are frustrating for fellow players, such as “bingo” play. Penalties for poor gamesmanship are at the sole discretion of Replay Poker staff.

Edit: I will also add that I have seen instances where it is blatantly obvious that their intention is in fact to troll the table as they voiced such in the chat. I’ve seen a table slow things down as the payout bubble approaches as well. Or, and I’ve been guilty of this a few times, I’m playing multiple tables and can’t always get to folding that marginal hand right away.

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So very true. But rules can’t always be 100% objective. There are situations where a judge is needed and the ruling may not please everyone. Some rules are clear and straight to the point, and others are left at the discretion of the site and its staff for obvious reasons.

I want everyone to have an enjoyable experience, so I sometimes take a little extra time so I can consider how the amount of time I take affects other players.

Staying on topic…
Even “John Cafferty & the ****** Brown Band” was censored…

Whether or not its … “the clock”, “NL or noNL(bingo/shove)”, “the classic Squeeze Play”, or any other play we may/may not have seen on TV or in a video from Top Pros seems may/may not be acceptable here. Add to that formats of games here ( any form of rebuys ), or even metrics for promotions ( like Hands Played or Accumulated Points ) that directly encorage the types of play, that rules discourage. This is very confuzing to many players.

I’ve never understood the whole “must be 18 to play” ( unless you’re not )… When a parent takes a 15 yr old to a R-Rated movie, they accept liability of content to a minor, absolving the movie theater from liability. Why doesn’t it work the same way here ??? If a parent allows thier 15 yr old to play here, they should be accepting that this is still an adult site, just like that R-Rated movie… I have no problem allowing down to 13 to play here, but then just don’t advertize 18+ to play …

Replay offers 2 “clock” varieties, many ppl say the fast clock is too fast. I say most of the clock issues I see here can be solved by "1 simple audible tone when its my turn, on any table I am on ( have the window open ) ". Now, since the “rule” is “# of seconds for clock” , then I don’t see how a player does or doesnot use thier clock is any buisness of Replay. Another solution is a “time Bank” that many have suggested, but that won’t solve the core problem. Whatever clock timer is given, it must be allowed to be used for any reason. Otherwise, you have “rules to rules” that are not black/white.

The same problem arises when you say the format is No-Limit, but then since thats the “rule”, you then place “rules on rules” such as you can only do “this or that” … again bringing in subjectivity to gameplay. If you are talking Bingo players… I can see clear ways for Replay to offer its own brand of the poker experience, just like they seem to want … it will drive “real” poker players to other sites, and attract more donks.

I would like to offer this to Replay, there are still millions of american players that still cannot play for , or don’t want to play for real $$$ online… They search for “free chip” sites to play on. This is a UK site, but Euro players do not have that restriction… They want a competitive experience just like on TV or $$$ sites. Do you want them as part of your community ?

We can whine all day long, back and forth about Detrimental Playstyles and Rules, but @ the end of the day… barring collusion or cheating… Since there will always be rules of some sort, exploiting a rule for an advantage will ALWAYS occur. Its not cheating , its smart gameplay…

Not only that, but once you add subjectivity to gameplay, you defeat the reason for playing in the 1st place… if someone you dont know, decides he doesn’t like your play and boots you because of it…( maybee cause you busted him out 3 times in the last 24 hours of other games, and he just doesn’t like you ) , is that really fair to your players ??

The Easy part … is the promotions. The rules chg all the time, so no problem there to find what most ppl like and offer the most of that… Or any of the Leaderboards on Replay…
The Hard part … is saying fast timers are 10 seconds, unless we say otherwise…

I have watched as Replay vigerously defended “Rathoring rules”. Thier main reason was, thats how everyone does it… its not allowed, its an accepted rule in the poker community … Ok, so No Limit… Are we gonna play the same NL as everyone else on the planet ??? or will there be rules to restrict No Limit ?

I couldn’t agree more Maya …

No Limit (NL)

Most high stakes tournaments are played as No Limit, which is recognized as the game where chips still in your stack can be as threatening as bets you have already made.

In a Replay Poker 10/20 NL game, the small blind is 10 chips and big blind is 20 chips. Any player is allowed to bet all of their stack (in turn!) at any stage. This can make for a cat and mouse game where loose bets and calls can be exploited by opponents who might ask you to risk all of your stack when they raise. But you can reap rich rewards when you are patient and have the goods at the right time.

A player may bet all-in or raise to go all-in during a NL game. If you do not have enough for a full raise, including less than a big blind, you may still bet all your chips, except under circumstances where you have already had the opportunity to raise in that round of betting and either checked or called.

Thats pretty darn clear… That is from the Replay Poker Help Center knowledgebase. How can then there be another rule somewhere on replay that Directly contradicts this posted rule ???

I really don’t understand why the big fuss over things that should be obvious and acceptable to everyone, and are already part of the terms of use.

Everybody is allowed to chat, but when a chatter abuses the option and starts offending others, making their experience at Replay uncomfortable, it’s not acceptable anymore.

Everybody is allowed to raise and go all in in NL games and other formats, but when an all inner abuses the option and becomes a nuisance to others, making their experience at Replay uncomfortable, it’s not acceptable anymore.

Everybody is allowed to use the given timer, but when a player abuses the timer every single time, making everyone else’s experience at Replay uncomfortable, it’s not acceptable anymore.

What’s so difficult to understand? Why is there always someone arguing with the rules?

Replay is a business. If the actions of 1 customer are affecting the atmosphere for 20 customers, it’s no longer a matter of objectivity. No successful business would ever accept to annoy or bother or lose hundreds of customers because of the behavior of a few who decide to take something that is allowed within the rules and abuse it.

There are always sets of rules to follow, but also rules over rules for those who abuse the rules. There are always things that are not explicitly mentioned in terms and conditions that happen and require subjective interference. Why do we need to keep defending certain behaviors just because the rules don’t explicitly mention them, even when we know how many people are negatively affected by them.

I’m sorry but if I have a business and I allow certain things, and still someone does them excessively and all my other customers complain, I’d definitely take action.
If I open a Karaoke bar, and everyone is singing and having fun, until one person decides to take the mic and sing with an awful voice 600 songs in a row, even if this is allowed by the bar’s rules, when I see 200 customers about to leave the bar because of it, I’d surely go to that 1 person and ask them to stop singing. Wouldn’t you?

I think we should all remember that this is a business, and client satisfaction is as important as any written rule if not more. And by client satisfaction, I mean the good of the majority, not the satisfaction of one person over that of a thousand others!

It does!!! This is exactly how it works here.

Age Restrictions

Replay Poker is an adult site intended for players age 18 and over. However, we allow players ages 13-17 to create an account – with the consent of a legal guardian who must read and agree to our Terms of Service. Preteens, (under the age of 13) are not permitted to play poker on the Replay Poker site.