For those who complain about Replay

It’s free entertainment and some laughs. Nothing wrong with that in my book either.


yeah lots of laughs with the dealing

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I agree- it’s free poker- Play and smile… Even the complainers have been here for years!!!


I mostly agree with this. Yes, there have been changes with the increase in players during the pandemic, but that’s to be expected. It’s the best site I’ve played on. Most people are just great to play cards with, and the site is very responsive to any issues.

The lagging is an issue, but refer to above expansion. IDK about your last sentence, and have really not considered any ‘rigging’ on the site. Sometimes players will tag team on tables on free sites, but I haven’t detected that here. Lagging in the last rounds when the game has been hard-fought can be a bit frustrating, but oh well. It’s a GAME, people!

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I don’t understand how someone could raise after a call, Please explain

I think they just click the button… it won’t show up for you though. If you need any more sage advice please don’t hesitate to ask


Perhaps they hit what they were waiting for.
Wanting players to drop ?
Who knows.

No it doesnt or folds when you called a good hand then they cut your chat its BS!!