For Ash

thank you for all the notifications regarding the game , can you please stop notifying me on one thing ? I don’t have a Face Book account and sure will not make one ( I am you may say anti face book person ) . so please stop flooding my main game page with Face book like invites , thank you .

Flooding? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If 1 notification per month which you can easily close is “flooding”, did you just flood the forums with 1 post? :thinking:

The forum doesn’t pop up on your main page. You chose to look at Blazer’s post. He/She didn’t choose to see the ad.
Big difference.

Thanks Whittaker, I wasn’t aware of that big difference.

P.S. Your ability to identify sarcasm is quite impressive! :wink:

How are you not a Rep yet? You seem to be qualified.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will get back to you on that one :joy:


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We use a third-party software for our site pop-ups, and it’s a little obnoxious, but there isn’t a way to “unsubscribe” from a particular type of message. :confused: I do wish that was an option for folks.

On the other hand, if you find the pop-ups annoying altogether, I exclude everyone who has unsubscribed from our e-mails, so you can choose to do that in your settings if you’d like to get fewer pop-ups on the whole.

As Maya- mentioned, I tend to run only one notice a month for Facebook, so if you like knowing about all our other promos, this one won’t come up terribly often. :slight_smile:


Blazer, if you go to your avatar and click on settings and then notifications, you can uncheck announcements etc, make sure you click update after you uncheck, Hope this helps… Doll :slight_smile:

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thank you I will do that and no more Ash on my As$h . :slight_smile:

I get this every week twice , I think because I don’t have a Face brook . lol and I get similar emails , and keep moving them to spams . life is already hard , and these folks are making it harder with their nonsense social garbage sites .

I can’t stand Face brook either :wink:

If you don’t want to receive Replay emails, this is also something you can change in ‘your notification settings’

Hope this helps smile

Hmm, this definitely shouldn’t be happening. We have no way to know who is or isn’t on Facebook, and we don’t target particular individuals with these pop-ups more than others. Perhaps if you’re not clicking the ‘x’ in the corner it’s coming back up for you. If you close it out, and you’ve continued opting in to our emails, you should still only get it once a month!

it’s ok fizzymint :slight_smile: I get no more emails since I moved all to spam , but the Face book pop ups , can you remove me from any face book invite ? or have me off of it some how please ? I don’t do any of the following : Face book , twitter , Instagram , or any other similar social networks , I only have this site and WSOP .

the WSOP is for my real membership at total rewards which I physically attend weekly ( weekends ) at casinos for tournaments and cash dash events .
thanks a bunch

I did , thank you for the info doll46 already showed me with his / her reply post . so i set my profile off from notification .

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As the question has now been answered I am closing this topic.
Thank you all for your input.