Food Likes

Hi players. When we were young, there were always foods that we hated to eat, but our parents insisted we eat it. My question is what food did you hate as a child, but like now? I hated tomatoes, but now, I put them on all my sandwiches. It is the little things that count in our lives.

Shellfish, refused point blank to eat anything in a shell. Didn’t eat any until a holiday in my late 20s. Cant get enough now :slight_smile:

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When my mother shopped, she would always ask what I wanted to eat.

My father would never ask and just buy what he wanted and share that with the family.

He bought a lot of chop suey and butter pecan ice cream in his day.

The chop suey was ok but the butter pecan ice cream was always a disappointment.

However, now I like butter pecan ice cream.

Keto keeps it away nowadays but yeah, good question bringing back memories!

The kid in the picture would rather have chocolate or vanilla.

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Jalapeno’s My grandmother ate them by the gallons. when I got Diabetes in 1991 I developed a taste for them. My wife tells everyone that Diabetes screwed up my taste buds,

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Brussel Sprouts… now I love them :sweat_smile:

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Surströmming(Fermented Baltic herring) is a tradition in Sweden to eat,I hate it when i was a kid but i Like it now,it smells bad but actually very tasty!!

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Hi swamptrash. I have to admit that I have never eaten shellfish before. Looks like I am missing out on something good.

Hi Excaliburns. I have never had butter pecan ice cream before either. Boy, do I feel sheltered.

Hi lildevil109. I was given jalapeno’s on a hoagie, without my knowledge, and I was definitely surprised. Way too hot for me. After that, I made sure to check all the ingredients that were in my sandwiches. Did not want anymore surprises.

Hi Clueless. I, too, hated brussel sprouts when I was young, but now I love them. It seems funny to me that people dislike certain things when they are young and then love those same things as they get older.

Hi Konrad. I have never had nor heard of surstromming before. They remind me of sardines and I don’t like them either. Since they smell bad, I would not be able to get them past my nose.

I want to thank all of you for participating in this forum topic. I am learning a lot from your answers. See you all on the tables.

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The thing about brussel sprouts, as a kid I only really remember it as a foul squishy overcooked mess, which was a bit off putting for life. It took me a while to appreciate them :slight_smile:
But nice and fresh and slightly undercooked, fine vegetable especially at Christmas

I agree with you swamptrash. It took me a long time to acquire the taste of the brussel sprouts. Now, I can’t get enough of them.

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