Folding without having to confirm.

I was told there is a setting that would allow you to fold without getting the “are you sure you want to fold” message. I looked everywhere under the settings and can’t find it. Does this setting exist and where?

I dont know if this is a setting unfortunately, although most of the time that comes up you shouldn’t fold because you can usually just check and not have to put any money in anyway so usually you should listen to it most of the time.


Welcome to the Replay Poker Forum, RiverGod. If no one has raised and you are able to just check but click “Fold,” the software asks if you really want to fold. That’s the only time it happens.

I understand why it shows up. I play fast on many tables so my efficiency is greatly reduced by not being able to quickly fold worthless hands. Looks like I’ll have to continue as is unfortunately.

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You can preselect fold and you can preselect check/fold.

I don’t know what more you want.

If you have a chance to play a hand for free (checking), why on this green earth would you reject that possibility?



When I’m playing 8-12 tables, some hands are simply not worth my time to continue playing even if I can get some streets for free. Efficiency and speed are key to my gameplay. I could probably play on 12-16 tables if I could set a raise bet out of turn or fold without having to confirm.

my brain would be on tilt :crazy_face:

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What happens if you just let the clock run out on those hands?

wow - I still think a bad pocket is worth playing when it costs you nothing to see the flop - but what do I know - I only play 1 table - But - I am good at that 1 table -

It will either check or fold and put me into sit out mode.

This is for situations that occur after the flop. For instance If I’m holding 7-2 and AKQ are on the board. I would rather just fold the hand than continue playing even if the turn is free.

So, when it asks you if you want to fold, just hit fold again. Takes about a nano second longer.

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