Folding the nuts? Yes, if you are skilled

Here’s an hand about folding the nuts in omaha h/l:


I would say must players would have called my bet
with the hand you had El we had the same thing. Did I have the edge I thought
so thats why i bet all in! why scareeeeed of trips and turning a boat against me…
what made you fold I think playing against BOBBY MUSH!!!
And me saying OH BABY ™

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Just wanted to say i wrote a thread about jagador not calling my bet!
well jogador called all my bets in a head to head match up and took must
of my coin!! My hat is off to you!! To other players think twice about playing jog heads up!
Bobbymush 350 million later!!

That’s a good fold, how did you do that?

I do fold such hands, but only after repeatedly beaten by the river.

Here’s another fold for lovers of good poker…

hand: 758629266

(The doubt was whether to fold on the first raise)

Oh baby!

Sorry it had to be this way man!

I hope you make it back to the top so I can regret my stack :smirk:

Don’t discourage other players though, I’m already struggling to find customers :wink:

Btw, where is your thread?

Congrats. I remember being impressed as I was watching that you got away from that one.

i had a great time playing against you.
Not trying to discourage other players just warn them thats all…

What a good fold. I haven’t played Mansoor very much but I don’t think he would 5bet into two opponents with many hands that QQ is beating, especially in light of staybeautiful’s suspicious button limp/4 bet. Still it takes incredible discipline to make that laydown. Congrats.

@El-Jogador or anyone

Would you fold this hand.

Not me, I would have never folded there. You’re just not up against a straight flush there very often. But then I think I may be more skilled than El-Jog at losing all of my chips. :grin:

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Sometimes you just have to stack off and having the nut flush vs. straight flush is one such situation.

If you’re regularly folding the second nuts fearing the stone nuts you’ll be folding way too often generally speaking. Astute opponents will take notice and exploit it.

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Thanks for your opinion, That’s what my thinking too, In such situation you have no other choice but to lose, The strategy I try to adapt in these cases is not to bet any more than half or one third of the stack unless you have absolutely top hand, but often don’t follow,

I doubt there is anything you could’ve–or should’ve–done differently. Opponent’s most likely hand is the Qs or even the QsJs. This is one of the times when you just have to roll with the punch and take the beating. If I’d been you, I’d have wished for more chips to re-raise with.

Yeah you are correct, this is very exceptional situation.i If i had the queen, I would have just called his raise. But what if he had gone all in, would I call his all in and get knocked out of the tournament excusing myself for my bad luck.

Added: He didn’t go all in. So, its probably the right play, Just wondering what should be the play if he had gone all in.

Being up against a straight flush with two hole cards playing is so unlikely I would completely disregard it in my decision making for this hand. I would be playing the nut flush as if it were the nuts. I would be shoving as many chips as I could into the pot hoping to get a hero call from a lower flush.

In a deepstack game it might be different but you were ~50bb effective in a tourney, there is no escape.

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I can’t comment on this hand because it’s not poker.

P.S. Folding is one thing, reraise all-in is another.
In between there are other solutions


One of the most profound things that I have ever read. This will take weeks to digest and I doubt that I am clever enough to ever fully understand it!

Kind regards,
(who may spend the rest of his life studying one statement)

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Could @El-Jogador have folded this?