Folding instead of placing bet

I just played Milliom Dollar # 610315, I had 9 10 hearts, it flopped three hearts, I hit all-in, instead of placing my bet, it folded me. This has happened a lot in the past. I am so tired of it. It is bad enough to have to play with so many bingo players, but when this site helps them it is infuriating. Russ Jennings

yep same thing with me. you can make one bet then it folds post away you push I’m back then the game begins. I’m in I’m out I’m in I’m out?. Yes I’ve turned it in with the hand numbers yes I’ve done everything suggested yes I’ve had my computer checked No I have not got a answer back

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We not get priority. Bugs do. Personally I find hundreds of bugs 2 years ago. Help to recreate the bugs do help. A lot. What the IT can recreate faster, thets what they can fix first. Im sure they work the problem above.