Folding before flop

I just don’t understand why people fold their hands before the flop.I don,t how many times the cards in my hand turn up on flop i never fold before the flop.thats just me though.

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It’s called playing your cards right. Not everybody likes to gamble every single hand.


You have to learn to pick and choose your hands. Sometimes you win , sometimes you lose.


Limping in is a prime sign of a fish. If you have terrible hole cards, you’re having to put chips in a pot with possibly a minimal chance of improving. If you do that, you won’t have chips for very long. Especially if you limp in with Ax, Kx, and your kicker is weak. Many here who flop a top pair end up losing to another top pair that has a stronger kicker. A2 loses to any other Ace, unless you get a 2 for two pair. Even then, you have to be concerned with your opponent not having two pair as well.


I would rather see the cards in the flop first if i have nothing then i will fold.But i like playing agressively its all luck and chance and fun.If it was real money i im sure i would fold before the flop lol.

You never stated whether this is tournament play or Ring game play. The two are completely different. Ring games are more “gambling every hand” type scenario, tournament play is a lot different.

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Welcome @HOLYCRAPMAN to the forum! If I understand correctly you never fold even terrible cards, such as 7 2 offsuit - the (worst hand in poker) The best things about 72o are that it’s easy to fold. I believe there are times a fold is required to be successful.

There is a saying in Poker: “Folding is boring!”

Players fold bc they have an understand that playing any and every hand is NOT a winning strategy. Players that fold are sacrificing a little fun knowing this strategy will reduce loses and increase winnings.

Sure but if you hit a little something then what? Playing this “call and see a flop” game will increase risk much more than increasing your potential reward.

The more bad hands u play, the more decisions you will need to make, and the more mistakes you will also make too! Every one that plays poker makes mistakes - its basically impossible for any human not to make mistakes.

Bad cards like 93suited can NEVER make the winning NUT flush or NUT straight and will occasionally lose to better flushes or trips to a better kicker. Bad cards will make strong hands less frequently, and make low showdown, weak/marginal hands more frequently.


I enjoy seeing the flop also. As long as I don’t have to go “ All In “ preflop.


Your style is definitely all luck and chance, but good players know not to play crap hands. Poker is a game of skill with an element of luck. Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette, lotto are all luck, because other than playing you don’t have any affect on the outcome.


Dear HOLYCRAPMAN, My hands lose 70 to 80% of the time, which means i fold an awful lot. Why would i want to play all these hands just to see the flop ? I have established to my satisfaction that almost all these hands lose . This means that i am saving an awful lot of chips by not playing weak or moderate starting hands. This stategy pays off in mtt’s as i reach the bubble many times. Yes , it seems bad when my folded handed comes good , but that is down to lady luck. Hindsight is wonderful but not all that useful when laying down the cards.


Wow i really like all the replies i got on the folding before the flop.I only play ring games so its much easier to stay in and wait for the flop i think its not going to break the bank lol.Im a very agressive player i rarely fold my hand sounds stupid but its all free chips i figure so just go for it.Like i said if it was real money its a different story.

Play some other games and try “ going for it “. I think you’d be surprised that you wouldn’t play like it was free chips. Ever try bankroll Management? Lol

I sometimes try and limp into a pot with marginal hands but not from early position. If I am considering limping into the pot I always ask myself, am I willing to call a reasonable raise with what I am currently holding? If not, I will fold.

The most likely outcome of the flop is you miss it or you hit a pair. In my opinion a low pair with low kicker spells trouble. Just as a higher pair with a low kicker is trouble too. My other thought is, if I hit a pair on the flop will it make my next decision easier or harder. if my next decision will be harder I will fold.

Recently, I’ve followed another saying where I’ve been calling most raises because I figure, “you can’t miss them all”.

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I remember Tom Dwan saying, " You cannot win when you fold "

In real games yes, because your limp is raised most of the time and you fold or are priced into a call with an unplayable hand.

On replay, absolutely disagree. The tables here let you limp or only min raise 80% of the time. The 5% you get a dream flop you only need to get paid ~20BB and with all the hands, that’s super easy.

The thing is, not only do they let you limp, they also call off your pre-flop raises when you have premium hands drawing to the nuts. Best of both worlds.

You can’t win if you keep wasting chips and drawing dead flops either. I prefer to save mine for later.

Yes, that is true, but it is still better to bet most of the time you enter a pot, because then you force players to make decisions, because many won’t know what they should do. I don’t like to limp, but like you sometimes it’s best.

Not only is it good but you can increase your chances of winning the pot by players dropping with weak hands and low chip stacks.