Fold faster than Superman in a laundramat

When I first started to learn how to play poker, one of the first tips I got was to fold faster than Superman in a laundromat. I learned not to waste chips on seeing the flop with marginal hole cards. I learned that patience pays off in the long run.

I read a lot of whiny posts attacking this site when it could be the posters own style of play that make them losers. There are a lot of time when I have raised pre flop 4,5 even 6 times the big blind and get called by 3 or more people with crap-ass hole cards. It’s like they have no clue about the strength of there hole cards. Pocket pairs may be rare, but a non pairing hand will be paired by the river roughly 50% of the time, and 33% on the flop. If pocket 7 7 sees a flop of 8 J K, there is a good chance they are no good and will hit trips only 8% of the time by the river. I developed a pretty strong game by learning the math. I studied the different formulas that determine the percentage of hitting my outs and learned how to bet and what to call because of this. I do bluff, if I think I can get away with it, but knowing the odds of hitting my outs helps keep my stack from shrinking with the quickness.

I would suggest to anyone who is serious about learning how to play this game understand the strength of there starting hand. There are 1326 possible starting hand combos. Each pair has 6 possible combos. Example; 6h 6d, 6h 6s, 6h 6c, 6d 6s, 6d 6c, and 6s 6c. Each non pair has 16 possible combo. 4s 5s,4s 5c, 4s 5h, 4s 5d, 4c 5c, 4c 5c, 4c 5s, 4c 5d, 4c 5h, 4d 5d, 4d 5h, 4d 5c, 4d 5s, 4h 5d, 4h 5h, 4h 5c, 4h 5s. An Ah Kc will dominate the possible 1232 non pairing combos and be a coin flip against any possible paired hand Q Q or lower and is equal to the other possible A K combos… Only A A and K K will dominate you. Go out there and figure out the rest. Good luck.



just for the sake of knowing heres a hand I had recently.What are the dealt pkt aces.opponent goes all in with a J/8.the flop brings a JJ8 the turn an8 the river another 8 of course I followed the allin .gotta love wonder what % of that folding out on the table is.all I thought was what the heck just happened LOL.hope u luck hd101. and I also don’t trust pkt AA never have

I totally agree with you, but I totally disagree also, I play darn good poker in real life, I sit here and watch the same players win over and over every day, and I and a lot of others never get a hand, I have a very close friend wo is the vice president of a large Co. in SF who is a program builder for very large corps all over the world, and he has watched it and says the same thing I say, That a rythm is built into it for certain people in certain circumstances to win.
So what do U think ?? There is luck in real poker but no such thing as luck in a computer generated game >

1 in 570,768 or 0.00018%. J 8 should of bought a lottery ticket.

The thing about probability is that it is seldom consistent. If I flip a coin ten times, there is a good chance I could get 5 heads and five tails, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t get 7 heads and 3 tails. The longer I flip that coin, the closer the outcome will be to 50/50. I only win between 12%-13% of my hands on this site but that is enough for me to raise my chip stack to over 200,000 in just under 2 months of playing mostly ring games. I cashed in 3 of my last 4 after not cashing in about 20 tournaments, I did this cause I kept flipping that coin.

Thinking in combos is definitely a good mind set coupled with probable range.

There are 16 combos of two unpaired cards, 4 of which being suited (just to complete your paired cards combos).

Also when cards get dealt on the board you can count the number of combos of a given made hand. Say there are 3 different cards on the flop and you want to count the number of sets (combo wise given you don’t pair up on one of the dealt card). There’s one card you can see, 3 that are hidden hence 3x1 combos of each set so 9 sets total.

Say you wanna know how many combos of two pairs (same texture) : 2 cards you can see, 6 hidden hence 6x2 combos of each two pairs so 36 combos total.


thanks to all for the info

“Every-Hands-A-Winner… Every-Hand’s-A-Loser” (Kenny Rogers). You won’t know until you see the flop!