Flop straight on a monotone board

I decide to size down here on the flop to ever so slightly less than 2/3. My thinking was that with a couple stacks at 3.6M and one at 6M I can bet here and get away from these bigger stacks if there was significant action from multiple spots. The two shorter stacks at 2.5M I wasn’t too concerned with, it is what it will be.

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Being OOP with this flop, you can downbet or even check and see what action ensues. All the trash will fold and if you see any raises/shoves, you know you are dead or really thin and can get away if you want. I’d base my action on what the larger stacks did TBH.

This is pretty much exactly my thinking.

All true.

Not on this table with these players. I was somewhat familiar with them and tbh, enough to know better here. The skill gap is so wide though that you start to feel like Superman sometimes like you can do whatever you want, who the hell is going to stop you. Ugh.

Posting results in a few… I’m prepared to get murdered… :joy:

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My bet is that you were stacked by some garbage flush, like Jxs or Kxs

BTW, I’m leaning towards a check on the flop or a 1/3rd sized bet

That can get dangerous! I never think like that.


RESULTS: (you all are going to kill so lets get it over with)

Flop (2.4M) 8c7c9c… SB x, I 1.5M, UTG fold, UTG +2 fold ( nice, I’m through the two 4M’s), MP+1 all in 2.2M, CO call, SB call, I call 700K.

Turn (11.2M) :brick: (I don’t recall)… SB all in 300K, I shove 3.5M (What!) CO snap call.

SB Jc8s (pair 8’s w/gut shot straight flush draw.

BB JhTh (Hero, nut straight)

MP +1 JdTc (nut straight w/open ended straight flush draw)

CO Kc3c (this is the one guy at the table who plays sensible, out side of his limping that is. If not me [I’m drawing dead] then I hope it goes to CO).

River (11.2M main) (900K side 1) (6.4M side 2) :brick:
CO scoops for 18.5M!

My thoughts are pre flop squeeze is horrible, I know I can play this profitably from this position, just not with this many pre flop stations on one table and certainly not at these stack depths.

Flop I think I’m okay with this bet although with the SPR’s what they are I can probably size down more to like 40-45%. Plan is not too worried about the SPR 1 stacks in SB and MP +1 and to fold facing significant action from multiple spots.

Turn I rationalized the CO if on a flush would certainly shove the flop over my c bet and a shove. He would want to protect/charge sets and two pairs that have boat equity. He’s raising a ton of his nut flush A’s pre from the CO but maybe limps like A6s-A9s. It’s a dry pot though so I don’t know. I was thinking with this much in the pot he’s getting a really good price to hero call with sets and two pair. Really only losing to flopped straight or flush, so maybe if I’m beat by one of the others I can still snag a little profit from him.

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This, horrible limp, but definitely priced in when it comes back to the CO.

yeah, after the fact I do agree with this. I was thinking like 40-45% I’m not sure about a check, could be okay to x and just shove all non club/non board pairing turn cards. This would have definitely given me an opportunity to minimize this catastrophe to a 400K loss. I’m sure the action would have warranted a fold by the time it came back to me.

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^^ This

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Yup, I thought you were tilted when I saw that haha!

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I was not tilted though. Maybe a little entitled… :wink:

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