Flash Vunerabilities

Unfortunately I am having to part ways with my long time poker habit because of the recent revelations that Adobe flash has a giant vulnerability in it. My job is no longer allowing flash to be installed on our computers, it would be nice to hear replay poker has the intention of switching to a non flash based format.

We do, actually! We’re in the process of developing an HTML5 client, which will not only take us away from Flash, but allow more mobile devices to get in on the fun as well. (You know, so you can get your fix behind the firewall. ;))

For anyone following along, Adobe has already promised an update to fix the vulnerability next week – http://www.infoworld.com/article/2993197/security/adobe-promises-new-flash-player-update-to-plug-zero-day-bug.html. As far as we know, it’s only been used in targeted phishing attacks on a limited scale. The usual email safety should apply: don’t open strange links, be cautious of unknown senders.

While the vulnerability may be a widespread issue with Adobe Flash, Replay Poker should still be safe place to play – we don’t like being hacked either.


For anyone concerned, Adobe has released a patch for the vulerability: https://bgr.com/2015/10/16/adobe-flash-player-security-vulnerability-patch-download/

from a personal point of view, I cannot wait for the HTML5 & Mobile versions to come onstream. Flash has been a necessary evil for far too long and now that there is a viable alternative I think everyone should move away with all deliberate speed

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