Flash update

If a user needs to update flash, it would be really helpful if you told them before the game starts. Why not pop a message as soon as they login? I was allowed to login and join a tournament, but once the game started I wasn’t allowed to play so lost my buy-in.

As far as I know Flash will be phased out anyway and Replay will be switching to HTML5 in the near future as well. Not sure which browser you’re using? I’m using Chrome and it does a Flash update quickly if needed (even within the table window).

Also if you still know the tourney ID can I suggest you contact support@replaypoker.com so they can look into it?


It’s up to your computer operating system to notify you, not Replay. They don’t know what computer manufacturer you have, Browser, system, system update settings, graphics processor, etc, etc.

Turn on automatic updates on your Adobe Flash Player.

If your not having any luck uninstall flash , restart your machine, reinstall flash and restart again.

Like brand new.

Best of luck