FLASH 1 MILLION CHIP CONTEST: Name our latest Royal tournaments! (Ends May 2nd)

Our Royal Hold’em players have made some requests to freshen up the schedule. What better time to honor their wishes than with the Coronation about to take place?

From Monday, May 8th, the following changes will occur:

  • The 01:45 ET Daily Freeroll will change from NL Royal to NL Omaha Hi/Lo on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • The 13:45 ET Daily Freeroll will change from NL Omaha Hi/Lo to NL Royal on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There will be TWO new Royal MTTs added to the schedule:

  • 08:45 ET 50,000 entry, 1 million chips Guaranteed
  • 16:45 ET 50,000 entry, 1 million chips Guaranteed

And that’s where we need your help!

Please share your ideas for the names of these new tournaments! @Chasetheriver will choose his two favorites on May 2nd, and we’ll be giving away 500,000 chips to each winner. :crown:


  • Must contain the word “Royal” somewhere in the name.
  • Must be 15 characters or fewer.
  • No inappropriate names or obvious trademarks.
  • Please limit your suggestions to five total.

I will not be advertising this contest on the site – this one is just for those of you who take the time to check the forum. Thanks for making our community what it is! :slight_smile: So get those suggestions in and leave your mark on the Replay Poker room, and win a few hundred thousand chips to boot!


Royal Rules
Royal River
Riverboat Royal
Ramblin’ Royal
Royal Rumble

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Rock and Royal
Royal Plush

Royal Flush
Royal Palace
Royal Crown
Royal Texas
Royal Rocks

Royal Rebels
The Royal Crown
Royal Pain
Royal Rockets
Royal Invitation

Coat Card Royal
Royal Aces
King Royal
Blackhole Royal
Crash Royal

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Royal International

Casino Royal

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Royal Chase
Royal Challenge

Royal pain
Royal Aspiration

Royal Tee
Royal Treatment
Royal Decree
Royal Descent
Royal Pardon
Royal Blue
Royal Jelly
Royal Antler

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Elizabeth II

Royale w/ Cheese

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how about Royal Pain lol

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Regal Royal Rumble
Royal Majesty
Royal Highness
Royal Regent
King’s Royal Court
Royal Rumble
King’s Royal Rumble

Hang them all royals

Royal Thrill
Royal on ice
Royal Jewel
Royal Consort
Royal Success



Royal Runout