FL 7 CARD STUD HI/LO Alan25main's Hi/Lo Stud

Would it be possible to change this table to a Pot Limit or No limit table or even add another PL or NL in the same stake range? VERY few people ever play here other than once a year during promos. I suspect it’s because the betting is limited it bores players. Thank you!

I don’t like limit games, but isn’t FL better than PL already?

Limit poker is boring IMO but but recently a player asked for more limit freerolls to reduce bingo etc.

Maybe a limited number of players on RP is the more important issue?

Maybe fixed limit with increasing antes, similar to 7 hi-lo freeroll. To me FL is slightly better at limiting but NOT totally banishing BH’s. There’s some reason NO ONE plays Alan Main’s other than not enough people are interested in hi-lo. Anyway, just thought I’d put it out there…

I don’t think it should be touched as it’s a remembrance game for our friend and moderator and my neighbor who passed away :pray:t2:

Okay Craig. That’s fine but how about if another table is added to it?

Not if it’s the same name of course. I don’t make any decisions here just my 2 cents worth. With inflation that 57 cents now.

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This is a Strategy Hi/Lo game. Changing it to PL or NL would ruin using any strategy and the fun of playing it. It would ruin the game especially the Hi/Lo squeeze in 7 Stud Hi/Lo.


So, what can be done to entice people to play? Because, like I said, interest except for once a year promos doesn’t exist. The only table getting any play is the freeroll…

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I don’t know how to increase participation here. I have a feeling the low participation is because players don’t understand how to play it. The game of 7 Stud and Hi/Lo was being played a long time before NLHE became popular. Like I stated it’s a Strategic game.


If these games are getting very little participation maybe at some point reduce the games available. This is OFC at the discretion of RP.

I think alternating between PL & FL is a good experiment to try and gage what might get more participation.

I have never seen ANY NL 7 card stud on RP, so this is new to me if available or a possibility. I played a little 7CS for fun - a while ago - but I prefer NL poker and could only find limit poker for this poker variant so got bored.

As a side note over a year ago I wanted to learn & play normal Omaha ring without the Hi/Lo however it gets almost no action. RP has a very limited player pool so players will play what they want and where the action is.

Why does almost no players like to play Omaha standard?

Royal Poker is another great game that gets action in MTT but almost ZERO action in ring.

IMO it cant be fixed! Probably RP should make some small adjustments. I’m not sure that’s a priority for RP sadly.

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I played a Ring 7 Stud H/L game a couple of days ago because of our discussion. It was 25/50 with a Bring In of 10 for each starting hand. I can see now why there’s little interest. The 25/50 never changes the entire game which limits an opportunity for winning a lot of chips. There were a couple of players who joined in and quickly busted because i don’t think they understood the game. To entice more players RP would have to offer higher betting amounts, maybe in the 200/400 range but again, I don’t think very many people know how to play it. I lost a little (probably because of the rake) and I think I know how to play it.

The MTT 7 Stud H/L game is more popular probably because the Bring In and Betting amounts Increase during the tourney which makes it more interesting.

I like 7-card stud, and wish it was more available. alas, what to do?..to get more folks to play it; I don’t know

I agree with that and mentioned it when I opened this discussion. What I don’t agree with is what sounds like (and I could be wrong) you don’t think a lot of people know how to play hi-lo good or bad. For instance the MTT 7stud hi-lo freeroll @ 1645 (U.S.E.S.T) game averages well over 150 players each day. The 0045 game over 60 even though it’s quite late. I haven’t checked the other times but I’m sure they are just as populated. So, the interest and knowledge are there. Now if RP could match the ring (except for Alan Main’s table) details more closely with the MTT tables things might improve…