Fix your site

what is wrong with this site today?! hands dissapearing, the time in the left corner jumping around forward and back the I’m back button appearing when I never went anywhere. a hand that I won not given. what is up

I think they just do… any bug, fix them, have to be online, as the site 24/7. AND, if any change made to the site, thets can (usually do) bring change to the other part of the site. This is unpredictable, unfortunate things. All site work like this. If you have some specific ongoing problem, please discribe, give details, hand numbers, this way the RP staff can check it out asap.


That’s really odd, no reported problems barbara, as marcipan suggested can you post the replay ids here so we can take a look. In the meantime I suggest, perhaps, rebooting your pc, in case the problem is on your end.