Fix the SNG the rules discourage players

I have been playing on this site for 3 years and found it fair and met a lot of nice people. Before the days of leagues and promos I played SNG almost exclusively. Switched to omaha and other games but now after 2 years I came back. Unfortunately I am again discouraged…not with the games just the leaderboard. It is April 19 and I am 1st on Astral Orion and 1st on SNG low. Problem is to increase my points above my average I have to place either 1st or 2nd in any game I play. If I could guarantee that I wouldn’t be playing on a “FREE SITE”. The rules were changed to protect the casual players by putting “caps” on the number of games played. The trouble is the 3 different games that count towards SNG low all have different durations. Chichen Itza is daily, Astral Orion is weekly and SNG monthly. So to try and maintain my standings I probably will not play until May 1st.
Now the first suggestion is move up a level but it isn’t that simple. In my time zone it is 4PM but EST is 5AM. In the medium or high games there is not one single player or registered to play. I will probably start to see action around 11pm or midnite.
Anyway this is a gripe…don’t discourage high volume players from playing.