Fix the sliders in mobile

It’s great to have a mobile version of replay. My main suggestion is that in its current form it seems like there is no way to type bet amounts, so it has to be done with the buttons or the sliders. But the sliders in their current form are not useful. Basically, it is equally weighted for all possible bet sizes, so if I have 40,000,000 chips in my stack and want to bet around 900,000 it is impossible to bet anywhere near that amount because the slightest touch of the slider takes you to many millions. Maybe it could move in more useful increments? It seems like tapping it now uses increments but they are still too big to be useful.

When I try to raise preflop i can do the minimum or 4x, nowhere in between (when i want 2.5x-3.5x). Just some feedback.


I agree, most people dont bet half their stack they most likely will go all-in. Maybe using a logarithmic format instead of linear for the stack scroller would make it more usable. I share similar issues to JoeDirk with the scroller. It also doesn’t have to be for mobile, it would also be helpful on the computer version too.


Yeah the scroll could be fixed throughout, but the mobile version lol… it’s maddening to try to select anything. I mostly just give up and use the buttons but that is definitely a hindrance to playing well.

It’s also weird on mobile not being able to see player ranks or to use the chat, though that one may be for the best…

The mobile version needs a lot of work, but this is one of our major priorities this year. Thanks for bringing up this particular annoyance – I’ll make sure that’s looked at.


I would like to suggest that the slider should be logarithmic too, and have stops at 1/4, 1/3, 2/3, 3/4, 1.5 and 2.0x pot. It might even make more sense for it not to be continuous, but to only be able to select between those stops.
My experience is the slider is very rarely used in it’s current form, but if some people are using it, maybe have an option for continuous or discrete values?
(Would also be great if before a raise pre-flop the stops where at half big blind increments, but I can definitely live without that)