Five minute break or four minute break WHAT IS IT!

make five minute break FIVE minutes ! if you are in the last hand before the break that hand runs into the break time. four minutes is not enough time to use the bathroom or have a smoke say nothing about both

The break starts when the previous level is ended. It is not possible to stop the game during a hand and after the break the game starts for all tables on the same time. That is why the break is 5 mins and not shorter.

Are there more players who thinks the break is too short? Please give your opinions.

Greetings Happiness.

That’s a good point, should the 5 minutes start when all hands have stopped, when the first hand has stopped or simply based on the time.

We also plan to move to syncronized breaks, so that all tourneys break at the same time - handy if you’re playing in more than one tourney at the same time.

So we looked into this, and pretty much the way we do is standard across all poker sites. It’s not uncommon to have less than the full 5 minutes especially if your hand just started before the clocked ran down. At the same time at least it means you don’t have to wait longer than 5 minutes, which also would be a drag.