Fish Locator Tip

One of the reasons why poker cannot really be classified as a sport is that the real point of poker is to pit yourself against somebody who is worse than you so that you can take their money.

There is a saying that when you sit down at a poker table, if you cannot identify the fish, then it is probably you.

Mostly I play in tournaments because that is what I enjoy, and there is a time limit, so you don’t go on until you fall asleep. However recently I have been playing a bit of ring game.

Ring games on Replay Poker have the same issue. First you need to identify the fish and identify their modus operandi, and then you need to take their chips.

But how do you identify the fish? I have discovered a useful shortcut! Often they will actually have fish in their username. So if you find somebody on your table with a name like Notafish or Fishkiller, or Fishandchips, it is pretty certain that they are fish trying to camouflage themselves as sharks, so you can start chumming them by letting them win some small pots, and then when you do get a monster hand they will reliably bite hook, line, and sinker when it is stacks ahoy. Hope this helps.

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Yep. This is one of the things that’s better about chess than about poker. In chess you typically pair people off based on elo, and your goal is to improve your elo by playing against people who are only slightly better than your or only slightly worse. But in poker, you want the players to be considerably worse than you, because that’s just more profitable.

If you’re interested in ways of identifying weaker players, there’s heaps of articles about this across the interwebs. But keep in mind that many players frown upon the practice, which is called “bumhunting” in its more extreme forms. Some players hate it so much that if you make apparently reasonable comments like: “Technically just choosing a stake level that’s appropriate to your skill level is a mild form of bumhunting, so it can’t be that evil…” will make them angry and hateful. Yep, this has happened to me.

The easiest way to identify fish on Replay is to look at their rankings. If everytime you play and you see the same players with 6 figure rankings, you know they are fish.

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Love this article on fish I just read.

Or you could just go buy a small schooner and a rod, some bait and tackle, go to a lake or a harbour and wait patiently.

I’d rather have the chips then the actual fish :wink:

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I would rather have a beer than either, but beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

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Hahahahahaha, true words ever spoken :+1:t2:

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