First Royal in 100.000 hands on Replay


Congratulations ! :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: :trophy:


Wyner told us this was his first Royal in 100,000 hands playing here, so we thought we would surprise him by posting this! Well done xx


I had my first RF in NLHE less than 25000 hands, and more than 10000. I also had one in a game of Royal, but I don’t really count it since the odds are so much better for it in that game. Congratulations on the hand.

actually grapevine meant first royal flush…that hand is holdem if you look at the color of the felt and check the hand info.

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I know, I understood this one was a holdem game. I’ve had two royal flushes on RPP and in my life. Once at a Royal table, and once in a NLHE 3-max SNG.

I have never had a Royal Flush, but have had a few straight flushes recently here on RPP. One of them was in a tournament when Puggywug was seated to my left and I held a pair of 4s including the 4 of hearts. The board supplied the other 4 hearts. Opponent (not Puggywug) went all-in on the river. I don’t remember what he had, whether it was the nut flush (as he thought) or a straight. I think maybe it was a straight.

When the 4 cards dropped, Puggywug flashed a message saying “4 of hearts, anyone?” thus potentially alerting my opponent, but he was not deterred.

Obviously a player is unlikely to call a preflop raise with a 4 of hearts in hand when he does not hold the 2,3,5, or 6 of hearts, but a pocket pair can provide an exception to the rule and did in this case.

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Let’s keep the thread as you meant it to be and not make it about us.

Congratulations @Wyner and many more to come :clap::clap::clap:

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Wyner probably almost had a heart attack when he/she saw the flop, but the hand shows the difficulty of extracting a lot of chips from opponents when you flop a monstrous hand such as this. The ace on the river might have given an opponent a straight, but apparently no luck.

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my mistake :blush:

I try to keep my mouth shut until after the hand is over, but once in a while I just can’t contain myself. I was glad you won the hand. I’ve never had a non-royal straight flush.

Typical replay.


“First Royal in 100.000 hands” I know, this computer repeats hands A LOT. (note: shouting A LOT increases the funny).
All jokes aside, I got my first royal in the 14,000’s hands. I was livid ! My little man in my head went all in before I could stop him, causing my single opponent to fold resulting in a numbered hand (no hand of the hour unless you win the hand and it says Royal Flush) It wasn’t even saved in my “Best Hands”. Livid I tell you! I think I won 16 chips, which is not enough to retire on these days.
Anyway, I need to go make A LOT of chips really quickly so I can use them to improve my game! Alias

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It is hard enough to get a royal but to flop one is even harder… wtg :slight_smile:

I got a 300 in bowling once but it was in practice so it didn’t count. but I got it and my wife was a witness LOL.

I always wondered why Replay didn’t have a section put a side where you can see all the Royal flushes and who got them.

Try this maybe.

good point !

havent won one yet, when I do, gonna be against you, ol pro lol.

An off-Broadway straight flush with Royal pretensions, beheads a knavish usurper.