First Hand of a Tournament- Pocket Kings

Ok, first hand of a Regional League MTT. First hand you look down at KK and look up at a table of people you don’t know. You are doing well in the league so a good finish is important to you. 9 max middle position 2 limpers in front and 4 behind. 3000 starting stack 40/20 blinds.

How or would you play this hand differently than if you were a few levels in?

Fold and build your position

KK is obviously a strong starting hand, especially if you are one-on-one, but in a situation you describe most likely the big blind and the two early limpers would call to any raise, plus there might be another caller. KK is very vulnerable in a 5-way pot.

I would play the hand very carefully. If you flop a set of Kings there is an excellent chance of winning a large pot, especially if the board pairs on a later street. If an ace appears on the board, try to play small ball. With you having two kings as blockers, it is quite likely that an opponent will pay to see additional cards for a shot at a Broadway straight.

Later in the tournament if you are first into the pot and put in a good raise, there is a good chance that you will get into a one-on-one situation, ideally against a lower pocket pair. Players who are small stacked are quite likely to shove if they make top pair in a queen or Jack high flop, and you can often pick them off.

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simple, raise 5 bb and play post

Play it as you would normally. Aggressively.