Finding an open table

I’m relatively new to the site. THe biggest frustration I’ve encountered is finding an open table without picking a table with no players and hoping others show up soon. There only needs to be two questions – the stakes you want to play for and the number of seats at the table. After a player has made those two decisions, just place him in a game.
IF I’m missing something in this process, I’m sure someone will let me know.

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Welcome to RP.

1) Check your main lobby filters & 2) Join & Queue for multiple tables

If you’re new to the site I would presume you’re playing low stakes starting out and NL (No-Limit) Holdem. There are heaps of free seats in the low stakes 6 & 9 player categories for the blinds at 1/2 up to 50/100. I find it hard you would consistently not see many, many free seats at these stakes. Seems like well over 60% of the tables running consistently have free seats.

Maybe you should check all your filters in the lobby. NL Holdem is extremely well supported in low stakes but there were only a total of 4 tables playing the combination of every other betting limit FL + PL + ML for Holdem which is sad. There are other filters too. Omaha also gets very little support on RP. Check all you filters.

If youre playing MED & HIGH stakes there are less tables at certain stakes but still a decent amount of choices. You can open multiple full tables and join a waiting queue for each table that will seat you after a player quits and gives up their seat & also start your own NEW table to speed up the process. Sometimes I’ll open 6 or more full tables and queue for a seat on all & wait to be seated. Make sure to close all unneeded tables after your seated and playing to reduce lag & increase performance.

1) Check your main lobby filters & 2) Join & Queue for multiple tables