Female only tables

Hi Replay people, just want your opinion on an idea I have for Replay. To encourage more women to play I thought it would be a good idea to have female only tables and even tourneys, maybe even occasionally have a sit and go tourney of battle of the sexes. I’m just sick of the male dominated tables with the overbearing, rude and obnoxious males! I’m not saying all males are like that, but some are. I would appreciate your opinion. Regards Puff.


i’m also a male but i think it’s a good idea.
in real life there are also women only tables, and since about 90% (not exactly sure) of the poker players are male, i can imagine, it would be fun for females to have such tourneys.


Thx for your opinion. Regards Puff

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A good idea :slight_smile:

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hello puff, I love the idea of encouraging more women to play and if replay wishes to have only women tables so be it. however, this might not be possible since it will offend others and this site is entertainment for all. enjoy al those you see before you and always the magic. all the best.

Good Morning Puff. I see you post this with all good intentions but I am wondering how you ( we ) would know if a player is male or female. I see a lot of profiles with no gender and others that change their profile and gender weekly.



Good point Craig thx for your opinion.

Thx Cara GLOTT

my thought….great Idea… would have to rely on the honer system for gender verify…but as far as tourneys go I would suggest dedicating several Heads Up tables in SnG for a trial period…Only players that have answered the "gender’ question in profile could.be seated. System should not allow players to register to one of these tables if the gender is not specified in profiles (this would require a software upgrade) Anyway If all goes well- then expand-- but for starters keep it simple …Woman -vs- Man…one on one… then.create a category for these W-vs-M stats on everyone’s drop down menu or someplace that everyone can access the successes of the He’s and the She’s…Great idea Puff .

Ty pair for your opinion glott thx regards puff

thx minks for your opinion gl on the tables regards puff

I think this is just another argument for private tables.

The idea that women need a special safe space is insulting to women, in my opinion. I also find it insulting to men. Segregation is NOT equality. If any player is rude or insulting, either report or mute them, be they male or female.

If “overbearing” refers to an aggressive style of play, well… that’s part of the game. Holdem, and especially no-limit, is a brutal game.

It won’t affect me one way or the other, so do as you will Replay. I just think it would be a sad day for women if implemented.

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Ask us to show our knockers? Kidding. Most of the males here are the easiest to win lots from though, if played right, when they are having an ‘i’ve got a bigger stack than you’ contest - its how I place in most tourneys.

Its like the wildlife programmes where two big old walruses rush at each other, to get hold of more females… :slight_smile:

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LOL :slight_smile: Another option would be to go to the drop down menu, click on leagues, email us about creating a womens league.

I am not in favor of segregation. Just my humble opinion.


With poker players in general, the existence of knockers is not a reliable indicator of gender :slight_smile:

There will be offensive people in almost any gathering and an online poker site is no exception. If there are specific examples of men making women feel uncomfortable on the tables here, then that should be addressed. Otherwise, I think it would be a disservice to both men and women to be separated along gender lines.

Segregation…people pleeez… its a poker game…its competition…its about taking an idea and giving it a try… “a sad day for women?” “insulting to women?” “a disservice to men and women?” …who said women need a special safe place? I cant believe what Im reading…I think battle of the sexes is a great Idea and tables for ladies only certainly would not offend me and should not offend any rational thinking person…lighten up…just have fun…Its a great Idea Puff…fight for it.

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Thx for your opinion SPG, I think you have misinterpreted my word of overbearing. Yes aggressive play is all about dominating the table and I have done so many times myself in tourneys and ring games and it doesn’t effect me either. Overbearing I mean for example a male says," How are you going honey"? That type of thing. Regards Puff

If we start going down the separation route why not go hog wild with it. We need separate tables for both Trump and dump Trump supporters, There definitely should be separate tables for “The Beib” fans. Possibly skinny or full figure only tables. Would baldies only tables be acceptable, or oldies only? Brunette only tables… Sorry, lost my train of thought lol


How about black only tables. How about white only tables? How about American only tables? How about Polish only tables? How about atheist only tables? How about Christian only tables? Republican only tables? etc… etc… Where will it end?


Hey Puff , what about make miss Replay Poker one time per year, we will find attractive woman that playing good poker and all year she will have a crown next to her profile picture (like RP staff have a star), and give to her like 5M chips as bonus?