Feel cheated

on 8/16 I chose to play sng holdem for 10,000 chips after waiting for opponent unregister.Did so, did some and other things came back to try again to my surprise it said play now and I was down to 400 chips.I have no problem losing chips with a full house but to have them stolen in a game I was not even aware I was playing in disturbs me

Hi flatbusted,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I looked into your activity for this day and I’m having a hard time tracking down where the problem occurred. We show you played in 2 SnG’s that day and that you were present the entire time for both.

http://www.replaypoker.com/tournaments/244216 - this one you place 1st in and received a prize.


Could it have been a different day that this happened? Have you experienced the same problem since then?

Cheers, Lesley

it may show I was there but if you are not you just lose each hand till chips gone.I was there thought I had unregistered. Left played a ring game checked back to see if could get another heads up and found out I was playing and was down to 400 chips was unaware this was going own thus I feel cheated.Do not know what went wrong just that it did will live with it