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Is it there… it is consistent…

With all due respect, how does this pic with two arrows denote Hand Clock consistency throughout the site? It’s quite easy to see from playing, that the hand clock (the time you are given to play each hand) is indeed faster or slower for different games. Some games allow you more time to decide how to play each hand, before automatically folding, than other games allow. All I’m saying is that the “hand clock” should be the SAME for ALL games. That is the consistency I am referring to. Good luck at the tables.

Lightning bolt …
Highlighted, fast table
Faded, slow table

Dou you have problem choose them before you click?
With all due respect.


On a table recently, my time seemed to be about half that of other players Is this possible?

No, that’s not possible. All players are given equal time.

His first bullet would be awesome.

Could there also be a filter with all the hands we’re involved with in a given mtt or sng?
And/or an mtt and sng activity section in the dashboard and not just a ring game activity.
Finally could it be possible to customize the dashboard a bit? Say you could move sections, delete or add stuff etc.

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I have some other ideas for off table study, I’m not sure it’s possible but IMO this is a wishlist so let’s get crazy!

  1. filtering hands not only on pure hand value but also on the action (eg: every hand I called PF, hand I raised PF, every shove I made, every 3bet regardless of the street or only on 4th street etc).
  2. making the previous point position related (eg: every hand I opened/raised on the button/cut off, in EP etc).
  3. filtering by stakes (full ring or 6max you can estimate with the pot size but in SnG/MTT you can’t).
  4. adding a period filter : last month, last 3 months, last year, last 3 years.

There you go Santa, I hope I’ll have some presents under the Christmas tree :smile:


Hey it’s me again :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Since the name is replay poker could we had a play/pause button and maybe a go backward/forward button.
  2. muting as default would be nice too.
  3. Adding the possibility to select n hands (with a check box) to be replayed without having to click “next”

Eventually that could be cool to have a session/tournament overview every time we leave a table (either voluntarily or by winning it all / getting busted) with maybe the stack evolution, the number of hands played, number of folds, number of pots won/lost, VPIP/PFR, a 3 bet%/4 bet%/ number of shoves.

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Keep 'em coming! We’re definitely reading and loving the suggestions. This is definitely going to be a useful thread as we continue to build a new client this year. =)

how about being able to show your awesome fold of AA or trips when only 2 in the hand?

I thought about it and a bunch of other ideas also, but… it’s been months and none of the listed ideas are implemented, so i figured it would be a waste of time to post my suggestions :frowning:

We’re doing a lot of work behind the scenes right now to make sure our server architecture is ready for a new client (with mobile support!), but that does not mean we’re not looking at and implementing suggestions and feedback as we build out the new game client as well. Ya’ll have so many good ideas we have a pretty big backlog!

Hmm… have you unchecked automucking? That might help some – it’s a box on the lower right hand side of the game window, most easily found when you’re waiting for someone else to take action.

Hi there gatzby,what I actually meant was showing your great fold before the hand is over,auto muck won’t work :slightly_smiling:


Gotcha! Thanks for clearing that up. That does sound cool.

It’s been a while so I’ll add some:

Would it be possible to:
Have the stack size in BB right next to the stack size in chips?
Show a +/- in green/red?


How about fold any time button pre-set.
“fold if any raise”, then on your turn “fold” came up, its a bit odd.

I guess it’s to automatically check when it checks/calls to you.

I know you guys are working on the stat part and I think my following remark has already been brought up but could you make the stats variant specific (stats for NLHE, stats for Omaha PL/NL, Omaha H/L PT/NL etc)?

Not sure how it should be displayed but it’d be fun to know if you’re very oriented towards HE or Omaha or some other variant that you guys wanna implement.

Can you add time bank?


I detest Flash. :rage: