Favorites MTT Lobby

I just tried, unsuccessfully to set up “favs” for the week’s ticket tourny thingy.

Unlike the Ring or SnG lobby, picking one 2k to 15k tourny, doesn’t add all the 2k to 15k tournies. What would be even more fantastic, would to add the current promotions to the filters, since there are 6 types of Ticket MTTs in the promotion. Instead of making all 6 seperately a fav, just use filter… and instead of say “all buyins” or "low (1k - 5k )… you pick “SFC Tickets”… that way only those 6 MTTs would instantly be your list.

For some reason Fav’s are broken in the MTT lobby, unlike the Ring or SnG lobby. I’m pretty sure I know why, but we’ll let staff take a crack @ it 1st.