Favorite Vacation Destinations

Hi everyone!

With this pandemic I thought It would be fun to take our minds off things by discussing our favorite vacation destinations. I have two personal favorite vacation destinations:

The Bahamas for me is such a relaxing place to be to just unwind and relax, put your headphones on, listen to your favorite music and just relax. At the time of this post I’ve been twice to Nassau, Bahamas. which is very relaxing in my opinion.Below is a picture from my trip to Nassau in 2014:

My second favorite vacation destination is at the local beach in Massachusetts. Normally I usually rent a cottage from the end of May to the end of June then again towards the beginning of August to the end of October (depending on the weather.) I worry because of the pandemic this year I probably won’t be able to get it in May unless something drastically changes between now and that time, the cottage feels like a home away from home especially when I get the cottage at the beginning of August, It’s just about 45 minutes away from where I live so I can get back home pretty quickly In the event of an emergency. Just about 2 years back I made an agreement with the owner to put WiFi in the beach cottage so I can get online at night and on rainy days.

What are your favorite vacation destinations?



My love affair with Spain began many years ago - I have watched the gradual progression along the costas from sleepy fishing villages to fashionable tourists spots. Many people deplore this development but it has transformed the lives and the economy for the local people. You can still find unspoilt villages if you venture a few miles inland and it is well worth it. This is one of my favourite villages, Mijas, where I usually travel to in May:


I am a fiend for Alaska! It breaks my heart that I had to cancel my planned trip there this summer. Here’s Mount Denali–“the great one”–during a winter trip to Alaska we took a couple of years ago. We’ll be back!


That cottage sounds great. Over 20 years ago I went to Montana, on vacation. I met a girl and quickly fell in love with both her and Montana. Two weeks later I was a Montanan. I have not had any desire to travel for vacation since then.