Favorite movies

Michael Cimino directed the Deer Hunter

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Clint Directed Hacksaw Ridge i was saying:)…

Oh you didn’t say specifically what post you were commenting on but yeah.

Band of Brothers and The Pacific is on Netflix now. 2 more great movies.

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Mel Gibson directed Hacksaw Ridge :slight_smile:


Yep, forgot that Mel gave his son Milo a smart part in the movie (Lucky Ford)… I was thinking of America Snipper, great movie that Clint Eastwood Directed, Produced and composed the music for…

Joe DeBeasi composed the music for American Sniper

Through his powerful underscore, Broadcast Music, Inc. composer Joseph DeBeasi adds poignant dimension to Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, which is based on the true story of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. DeBeasi’s original composition creates a captivating emotional undercurrent that complements the moving narrative.

Nope, Clint composed the music for it…I know it was based on a true story and Ty for correcting me lol:).

I was as an advisor on the film, Chris Kyle was a friend of mine and I was at his funeral in 2013 :cry::saluting_face::us: