Favorite and Least Favorite Required Subject in Grade School?

Favorite and Least Favorite Required Subject in Grade School ?

The new school year should be settled in & in full swing. All subjects taught are very important however, I assume the kids probably have determined what their favorite subject is by now. This reminds me of my favorite required subject and worse subject. As my Favorite, I always loved Science and learning theory’s, experimentation’s and conclusions. Least Favorite subject was math. Got through it well, just not as interesting as others to me.

Will you please share your favorite & least favorite required subject and why in grade school with us?

What an awesome question, Litenin, as most people can probably find themselves reminiscing about earlier days because of it.
I loved literature and math, but disliked georaphy and history (mostly because I was terrible at remembering dates and such). Interestingly, I ended up loving history, which neccessarily included geography, dates be damned.
Also, liked science because of the teachers and liberal arts for the creative me.

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Math, and when I got to college it was College Algebra. Never thought I’d get thru it. Dropped it multiple times, and by multiple I mean so many I can’t count them, but finally got a professor that got me thru the nonsensical stuff, simplified it for me, and taught me how to do algebra. Once I passed College Algebra, I knew that I’d graduate, because I’d made it thru the worst subject I had to study. I later had a professor tell me that true success was doing well at something you don’t like, because anyone can succeed at things they like. I can still do algebra.

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My French teacher had a full beard, and I was sitting in the back of the classroom.

To this day, I still have no idea what he said.

I just remember looking at my report card and seeing D-

Surprisingly, I didn’t fail.

The only French I can recall now at this moment is Vous Et Moi.

That’s only because that was the title of the French book they gave me.

My favorite classes were the ones that my friends were there in the classroom.

I did make the "Honor Roll " during my senior year.

I was just warming up and it was time to go… LoL

Thanks Litenin for posting!

It brought laughter!

Le rire est le meilleur remède!

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Wow, all of you have great stories of the past & I believe it is always good to reminisce great and bad learnings of our past. Hopefully we all learned how to improve our future from all of the Great Teachers we had!!