Fast Forwarding Replays

Having watched quite a few replays lately, I was wondering if there could be an option to fast forward them a bit. I’ve come across some where the players were taking up all the time to place bets and calls, and I really just wanted to get to the flop or to the end, but I had to wait very long to get there. It would be nice if there was an option to skip through the replay and get where one needs without having to watch the whole thing.

More video options would be fantastic as well, like pausing, rewinding etc… Or even replaying at the end (I’m not sure if this option exists, I always refresh the page to watch the same replay a second or third time).



We agree! Improving the replayer to add all of these features is something that is on our development plan. We’re called Replay Poker for a reason, and this is an improvement @Chasetheriver in particular is very passionate about! It’s still a ways out, but you can expect updates in the future.


I think a must needed feature request if possible is a pause button for hand review while reviewing hands. Its difficult to capture each street when reviewing hands next thing you know the hand is complete and if shown down cards can be revealed.

Another possible solution would be a next button for each street (along with the one for the next hand), this would be perfect! :grin: Better than a pause button.

Im now using flopzilla to improve my game and sadly don’t want to know the showdown cards of my opponent right away because I want to see if Im narrowing down their range of hands correctly.



Fast Forwarding Replays

Replay By Action/Street

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